What ties things like net neutrality,the DMCA, and the like together is that it's all the clash of two opposing interests. One group doesn't want only a few people controlling everything, and would rather have digital technology used in a democratic and free maner. The other group that doesn't believe in ownership or fair use and thinks it's entitled to control of what you do and look at (since it's "their network" or you're not buying it, just licensing it) wants to turn the internet and computers in general into proprietary cable-type services where they can check up on you at will, restrict what you can do, and make sure you're not doing anything they consider inappropriate. The telecoms and government are probably already sorry they promoted the internet, and are now trying to turn it back and if not to find a way to make it another tool to consolidate wealth and power. Of course most tech enthusiasts don't tend to be drawn to this type of rhetoric, but maybe everyone who opposes this needs an NRA style "out of my cold dead hands" type slogan.


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